Wednesday, 4 April 2018


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Hard work indeed pays and this is exactly what Michael Brown realized after he got an acceptance letter from the first university he applied, Stanford. However, while he was excited about the good news, Michael was not prepared for what followed in the months to come. 17-year-old Michael is a student of Lamar High School in Houston that has more than 3,300 students. More than half of the student body is considered at risk of dropping out. For the teen's mom, her joy is immeasurable. According to her, Michael is her special baby as she lost 3 pregnancies before giving birth to him. Although she got divorced, Michael’s father has remained in his son’s life. Mike’s a good kid. He’s been easy to raise,” “I’m really grateful. … I noticed that Mike was very smart, so I knew that he needed to be challenged. He made the decisions, so I just kind of backed up and let him do his thing. “The one thing I did insist upon is that if he started something that he didn’t quit in the middle.” Michael who has now become popular for his academic progress had this to say: “I want to remain humble through all this,” Michael said, “Out of all the students to achieve similar feats, I am just very happy and much honored to share my story and inspire other students.”

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