Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Image result for image of veritas university abujaStudents of Veritas University, Abuja, have cried out over the closure of the school by the management of the institution. Notes that the institution was said to have been shut down because students had protested unavailability of basic needs such as water, electricity, accommodation, security, among others. A student of the institution said that despite paying 530,000 naira as school fees, 20 or more students occupy a room, adding that the hostels are very dirty and full of rats, bedbug and tons of mosquitoes. He said: "We use the bush to toilet because the toilet is not acceptable. The school does not care about its students and it’s unfair because parents suffer so much to pay this fees - they even go as far as borrowing and yet the school is treating the students like animals. "The students were suspended for a week because of a peaceful protest against maltreatment. The environment is bad for learning. NUC has to do something about this; the environment is totally not conducive for learning." The student’s union president, Ijanusi Olawale, said: “We believe the state is largely occupied by masses with nothing. 500% increment is too much and highly inhumane. The government is autocratic. They should reverse the fees if they don’t want touts littering the streets."

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