Wednesday, 11 April 2018


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The Provost of the school, Mrs. Aisha Maikudi, disclosed today, this She said the students were withdrawn because they were not academically competent to cope with the academic and professional standard of the institution.Maikudi however noted that the action did not go down well with some parents and guardians as they claimed that their wards finished from the best schools in the country.“We want parents, guardians and the general public to understand that we cannot cope with incompetence in the midwifery profession as that will be catastrophic.“Many a time they bombard us with different questions on why should we admit students and withdraw them within a short time.“It is a situation we cannot help, it is better that we keep complaining that we do not have midwives than to have midwives that do not know their jobs. “Some of them that were withdrawn could not even read temperature how can we keep such students, that would be against the ethics of midwifery profession and humanity will not forgive us.“We want the general public to understand that midwifery school is a professional training institution and we are dealing with lives.“Pregnant women can be carrying multiple pregnancies, any mistake will be multiple tragedy.“That is why we will not compromise in our standard by keeping students that are not competent,’’ she said. The provost said that the internal screening of students by withdrawing the incompetent ones had helped the school in achieving a success rate of 98 and 100 per cent, respectively. “As I speak with you 51 students that were presented for the external examination 50 passed, and 21 students that were also presented for the same examination all passed. She however said that the measure they were taking to withdraw incompetent students had helped a lot in charting a better part for the students, school and the state. According to her, mass failure at the external examination will have been catastrophic for the school and the state but for the internal screening via the internal examination.
        Maikudi therefore called on parents and guardians to believe in the measure they were taking as they had to go by standard via examination to sanitize the system. She also urged parents and guardians to encourage their children and wards not to compromise their studies, saying that their bright future lies in education.

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