Friday, 23 February 2018

Nigerian Law School Admission Requirements

Nigerian Law School is the best institution in the country where you can become a true professional in law. Nigerian Law School admission is not an easy process, but if you dream to become a high-level lawyer, you must get an education at this institution. 

Nigerian Law School admission requirements

Admission requirements into Nigerian law school 

The institution was established by the government in 1962. This institution aims to provide Nigerians with the knowledge in the field of law, provide practical training for those Nigerians who want to become legal practitioners. 

So what you need for the admission:
  • Visit the official website of the institution to find out all the requirements and needed forms 

  • Click on Admissions and choose the course that you need 

  • Fill the online application form and submit it

  • Print your submitted form

  • Download blank copies of B, B1 & B2 forms; 

  • Submit completed Form B to the Dean. 

Nigerian Law School admission requirements

Additional documents 

Certificate of Law Degree: You are required to have Law degree or Mixed Degree in Law. The distance learning degree is not acceptable. 

The candidate should satisfy the Qualifying Degree requirement, and it is very important that only the students of common law countries are acceptable for the studying in this institution. 

Academic Transcript: You should have Qualifying Degree transcript that shows your taken subjects and grades. If the student was educated in more than two universities, he or she should provide two transcripts. 

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