Friday, 23 February 2018

Kubwa Students died from Meningitis, not Food Poisoning - FCT Administration

The Federal Capital Territory Administration has stated that contrary to reports, the three deceased students of the Local Education Authority Primary School, Kubwa, Abuja, did not die from food poisoning. 

According to Punch, the FCTA stated that the actual cause of death was cerebrospinal meningitis.

Report stated that the information was disclosed by Abubakar Sani, special assistant to the FCT minister on media, who reportedly quoted the director of public health, Dr Humphrey Okoronkwo, as stating that the pupils died of meningitis. 

In an SMS, Sani stated: “The FCT director of public health, Dr Humphrey Okoronkwo, says three pupils in Kubwa school died of suspected cases of cerebrospinal meningitis, not food poisoning.” 

The deceased students reportedly died after consuming biscuits shared by a classmate; and two others who partook of the snack were reportedly hospitalized at the Kubwa General Hospital. The school authorities reportedly quizzed the student who shared the biscuits and her mother afterwards. 

A teacher stated: “The girl and her mother have been invited. They met with the school authorities and they were not indicted in any way. The school is carrying out its own investigations. The pupils that were claimed to have died don’t even have their names in our register. We don’t believe the biscuit theory because a lot of people ate the biscuits.” 

On a visit to the hospital, a worker also lamented over the fact that the deceased pupils were buried without carrying out an autopsy to ascertain the cause of death. 

The worker reportedly stated: “Why will they bury some children without ascertaining what killed them? It is not proper. The solution may be to have all the children immunised. How can anyone say they ate biscuits and died when there is no medical test to confirm this?” 

A previous report stated that the police in the Federal Capital Territory confirmed the death of two pupils of the Local Education Authority (LEA), Kubwa II school, after eating biscuits at a party. 

On Tuesday, February 20, the two pupils, Nehemiah Yahaya and Yahaya Garba, 14-years-old, all of primary 5 and 4, reportedly died after eating biscuits at a party allegedly organised by unknown persons. 

The spokesman of the command, DSP Anjuguri Manzah, stated that no arrest had been made as investigation was ongoing. He said that the case would be transferred to the command’s Criminal Investigation Department for discreet investigation.

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