Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Adeleke University school fees 

Adeleke University school fees

For those who are looking for private universities in Nigeria, Adeleke University, Ede, Osun State might seem like a very desirable option. Today, we will be breaking down the Adeleke University school fees for 2017/2018, so that you can figure out whether you can afford studying at this university

Adeleke University fees apart from Anatomy and Physiology, Law, Engineering and Nursing

Adeleke University has the same fees for most of the courses it offers, apart from the ones mentioned in the subheading. For now, let’s focus on the regular fees for all courses. 

Here is the breakdown of the fees for 100 level: 

Tuition: ₦273,100
Feeding: ₦150,700
Housing: ₦40,000 
Exams/Registration: ₦17,500 
Library: ₦15,000 
Medical: ₦10,000 
ID card: ₦1,000 
ICT certification: ₦30,000 
ICT: ₦10,000 
Sports: ₦2,500 
PCA: ₦5,000
Adeleke University Students’ Association: ₦3,500 
Caution: ₦25,000 
Acceptance: ₦50,000 
Medical Tests: ₦3,500 
Total: ₦636,800 

The fees for 200 and 300 levels are almost the same, but they do not have to pay acceptance, caution and medical test fees. This means that their tuition fee for one year is ₦558,300. Fees for 400 level cost ₦558,300, with additional ₦40,000 constituting for the graduation fees. 

Know more; adelekeuniversity.edu.ng/admissions

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