Tuesday, 11 July 2017

We have to train our students in different ways- Soboyejo

Nigerian teachers have been advised to adopt new approach in the teaching of sciences in universities and other tertiary Institutions in the country.
The Dean of Engineering, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, United States, Wole Soboyejo, said this at a workshop on Mathematics and Science for Sub-Saharan Africa organised by Africa University of Science and Technology on Monday.
He said such approach will raise young generation of Nigerians with the capacity to tackle the developmental needs of the country and the sub-region.
According to him, most of the teaching methods being used in the teaching of sciences are too abstract and hardly create the desired knowledge in students.
“We have to train our students and young ones in different ways,” Mr. Soboyejo said.
“We need to use methods such as social constructivism, project-based learning. We need to have extra-curricular activities, we need to engage the students in competition just as we play soccer in our society”.
He said that the current teaching methods being used in the country do not really connect to most of the students.
“The methods are too abstract and very often we do not teach creativity.”He added that the workshop would avail the participants the best practices and approaches to be used by trainers in science and technology.
Similarly, the Co-Centre leader of the Pan-African Material Institute (PAMI) of African University of Science and Technology (AUST), Sola Odusanya, said the workshop was to simplify the classroom learning environment by placing emphasis on practical teaching.
According to him, “it will showcase the classroom architecture rather than just the environment a teacher just come to teach”.
“We want to promote understanding in institutions to where people learn how to do things not just places people will go to memorise things and then regurgitate in examinations,” he said.

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