Monday, 27 June 2016

Impoverishing academicians could stunt national development, educationist war

Student of the Vale College, Ibadan, Oyo State
Director, The Vale College, Ibadan, Oyo State, Mrs. Funso Adegbola, is calling for increased commitment to education and the well-being of educators, especially in the areas of remuneration, redefining approach to learning, investing in learning facilities and human capital development programmes.
According to her, education as a liberating force requires serious commitment and any society that promotes mediocrity and impoverishes the intellectual class can hardly witness growth and national development.
The educationist, who is also a lawyer stressed that government and all concerned must ensure adequate compensation of the group that competes with brain power rather than those that battle with naira power, as that would help influence the kind of change expected in the country.
She said, “Over the years, issues pertaining to teachers/academics have been relegated to the background, particularly their welfare and skills development. When somebody who is a butcher gets to the House of Representative and begins to earn more than a vice chancellor, you have really pulverised the intellectual class. And any nation that does not accord the intellectual class the respect they deserve… when the intellectual class don’t have economic power, then that nation can hardly advance.
And so, we really need an emergency and strong intervention in our education sector, because education is a liberating force and requires serious commitment not just paying lip service.
Adegbola continued, “Is the society feeling the impact of our education system? Are we really solving our developmental challenges? These are some of the issues education should be able to address, and you cannot achieve this unless you empower and motivate the intellectual class. That is the essence of education, and that is what we are working to achieve at Vale College through series of our educational programmes, staff welfare is paramount to us.”
The educationist, who called for strict monitoring of funds in the sector, when it is eventually increased to ensure probity and accountability, said the college established 22 years ago was, “committed to providing holistic secondary education experience by equipping students with invaluable life skills.
“The establishment of The Vale College is a fulfillment of our vision to provide superior educational services with a strong focus on the intellectual, emotional and physical growth of all our students. Our desire is to become the first choice for parents and children who seek an excellent, modern education, boarding or day, in a co-educational environment, based on a rich curriculum, sound discipline, independence of mind and service to the community.”

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