Monday, 13 June 2016

Arm Trustees develops products for education

In keeping with ARM Trustees Limited’s commitment of helping clients build legacies via transfer of wealth from one generation to the next, the company in a statement on Thursday said it had unveiled products tagged ‘Education Trust and Education Trust Plus’.
The two products, launched recently in Lagos, were aimed at assisting parents and guardians to secure uninterrupted education for their children or wards.
The statement read, “While the Education Trust is used to set aside money specifically for a loved one’s education, the Education Trust Plus combines the Education Trust with a life insurance policy. It allows one to take out a life insurance policy naming the trustee as the beneficiary of the policy.” It added, “Thus, upon demise or incapacity, the trustee can access the benefits of the life insurance and apply same for the education of loved ones. Payment of an annual premium for the life insurance policy will be made from the trust.”
According to the company, either of the two types of trust can comprise a lifestyle component to provide for other needs of beneficiaries such as vacations, excursions and boarding, among others.
The Managing Director, ARM Trustees, Mrs. Folashade Adeloye, was quoted as saying, “The Education Trust and Education Trust Plus are ways to guarantee that education of the intended beneficiaries is uninterrupted.
“We understand how hard you work to provide for the people who are important to you and how much you want to leave a legacy that ensures they are always taken care of. We help you protect and secure the future of your children or wards.”

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